In 2018 the pharmaceutical market showed active development. The total volume of drug consumption in the retail and hospital segments increased by 21% in UAH, by 19% – in dollar terms and by 4% – in bulk. The increase in monetary terms was mainly due to inflation, increased consumption in packages and the redistribution of consumption towards more expensive drugs.

Among the main trends in the retail market, we can note an increase in the share of sales of dietary supplements, prescription drugs, as well as an increase in the share of generic medicines.

According to forecasts, in the coming years, the market will continue to show double digit growth in monetary terms. Optimistic forecasts for the development of the pharmaceutical market allow us to expect that, following the results of 2020, Ukraine will again be able to enter the Pharmerging Markets group, promising emerging markets that are an attractive segment for international investors.

Ukraine is actively introducing international approaches to the ethics and legality of doing business for pharmaceutical companies, which must be taken into account by all players in this market. The first trend concerns the introduction from 2020 of automation of the exchange of information between tax authorities. Thanks to this, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (DFS) will have access to a global database of the activities of the company and its divisions / affiliates virtually around the world. Thus, it will be able to receive information online, about the countries where company pays taxes, where its production facilities are located, and will be able to track the supply chain from production to the moment goods arrive in Ukraine.

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